175 years of Dutch railways

The series '175 of years of Dutch railways' covers the history of railways in the Netherlands, including the opening of the 'Old Line' in 1839 and it's development and nostalgia, which nowadays still can be found on the tracks. We see how Dutch engineers like Frederik Wilhelm Conrad played an important part in railway history.

Furthermore we take a look at disappeared and renewed assets like signal houses, mechanical security systems, old bridges like the 'Hemburg', special freight trains like coal trains and postal trains and more. We visit Valkenburg Station, the oldest stations which is still being used and well-kept heritage trains like the 'Hondekop', the 'Kameel' (Camel) and the 'Arend' (Eagle).

Dutch spoken.

Credits: Mixmedia - Van den Burg Beeldproducties


Part 1 - F.W. Conrad, Dutch railway pioneer
Part 2 - NS and other railway companies
Part 3 - Renewed and disappeared
Part 4 - Railway track nostalgia