A beautiful Swiss model railway in Track 1 scale

‘Spur Eins‘, in English known as Track I scale, is not without reason called the ‘Kings class’ of the model railroad. Because of the size every detail can be seen and that makes this scale so beautiful.

In this series, consisting of 20 episodes divided into 5 seasons, you can see a lot of different Track 1 model trains. The Swiss model railroad ‘Wilchingen’ is the décor for these beautiful Swiss and German model trains.

You can see the newest Vectron from the model railroad manufacturer KISS, but also a German class 5 steam locomotive from KM, an exclusive Track 1 model railroad manufacturer. Much more models, such as the Swiss electric TEE multiple unit, the iconic SBB RAe TEE II, can be seen in this series.

So sit back and enjoy these beautiful ‘Spur Eins’ model trains and the beautiful ‘Wilchingen’ model railroad.

Credits: Spur1 Wilchingen

Release schedule: 

  • Season 4: 9/12/2022
  • Season 5: 23/12/2022


Visitors from the Lucerne depot
Vectron from KISS on a test drive
SBB Ae 3/6 II from Fulgurex
Meeting of 'rod' locomotives