A MAN 'rail bus' in action in Bavaria

In the early 1950s, the German manufacturer 'MAN' made so-called "rail buses", in German called "Schienenbus," for the German railways. These rail buses mainly served on local lines. This DMU class was referred to as "VT 95" and fortunately some have been preserved. In this five-part series we see a VT 95 rail bus in action in the German state of Bavaria.

Credits: Karl Bönisch


In a MAN 'rail bus' to Bad Endorf - October 2017
MAN 'rail bus' delivering a freight wagen in Obing - October 2018
MAN 'rail bus' from Passau to Obing - March 2016
MAN 'rail bus' on the 10 years jubilee of the 'Chiemgauer Lokalbahn'
MAN 'rail bus' in action - April 2019