A mix of electric, diesel and steam trains from Australia

In this five-part series, we see a good mix of electric, diesel and steam trains in Australia. The videos were shot near Wollongong in the Australian state of New South Wales. Long, heavy freight trains, pulled by the 14 MZ diesel locomotives from Denmark, among others, can be seen, but also plenty of (electric) passenger trains. The mix is completed in the final episode in which we see a steam locomotive shuttling back and forth between Wallonging and Scarborough.

Credits: DexCorp81


1. Trainspotting at Corrimal and Coniston - 24 & 25th August 2019
2. Trainspotting rare and interesting trains on the South Coast & Highlands - Autumn 2019
3. Passenger trains of the Highlands and the South Coast
4. Australian trainspotting Friday of freight trains in Illawarra
5. Steam shuttles between Scarborough and Wollongong