Best railway shots of Dotaku's trips to Japan

Japan is railfan Dotaku's absolute favourite train country. Since 2010, Dotaku has been travelling all over Japan to record all kinds of Japanese trains. JR, private railways, Shinkansen, old trains, they are all here.

What makes these video special is the stunning background of Japanese nature and/or big cities. Many episodes of this series are about a specific area or time of the year, so whether we feel like watching trains in the white snow, yellow and red autumn nights or fresh green spring colours, this series has it all.


Winter 2010 - 2011
Summer 2011
Winter 2012
Eki-nox 2012
Golden Trip 2013
Ice Trip 2014
Golden Trip 2015
ANA Win-tour 2015
Japril 2016
Golden Trip 2017
Winter 2018
Autumn 2018
Hot summer 2019