Cab rides in the east of the Netherlands

Several railway lines run through the rural east of the Netherlands. Not only main railway lines such as Apeldoorn-Enschede and Arnhem-Zwolle, but also local railway lines. You can think of the railway lines from Arnhem and Zutphen to Winterswijk, Zwolle-Emmen and Zutphen-Hengelo.

In this 9-part series you can ride with the train driver on various routes through the east of the Netherlands and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Every few weeks we put new routes online for you!

Credits: Tim Fikse

Almelo-Mariënberg will come online on 24/06
Zwolle-Emmen will come online on 08/07
To and from Winterswijk will come online on 29/07


Zutphen - Zwolle
Zutphen - Hengelo - Almelo