Cabview Holland - Spring 2020

In this beautiful cab rides series, exclusively made for by Cabview Holland, we take you on a journey through the Netherlands. It is wonderful to experience a train journey from this perspective: you get a completely different view than you are used to, and you almost feel like the train driver yourself! We travel with various trains in the Intercity service, but also as local train: the ‘Stoptrein Light Materieel’ (SLT), the ‘Verlengd InterRegio Materieel’ (VIRM) and the ‘Sprinter Nieuwe Generatie’ (SNG). Most of the routes are included in the central Netherlands, but we also travel to Zwolle and 's-Hertogenbosch. This series of cab rides, consisting of 7 episodes, was made during the spring period.

Credits: Cabview Holland


Baarn - Utrecht - SLT - April 2020
Rotterdam - Uitgeest - SLT - April 2020
Utrecht - Rhenen - SLT - May 2020
Utrecht - 's-Hertogenbosch - SLT - May 2020
Lelystad - Rotterdam - VIRM - May 2020
Amersfoort Vathorst - Amsterdam- SLT - May 2020
Amersfoort Vathorst - Zwolle - SNG- May 2020

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