China Steam Quest

If you enjoyed China Steam Paradise, Tele Rail's first programme with Nigel Harris in China, then you are certain to want to see this double DVD set. This specially produced program features two hours' of stunning action and is once again introduced and narrated by Nigel Harris. There's the unique opportunity to savour the delights of village life in rural China with Nigel, as well as sampling the best steam action in the world, including:

  • Huanan - a wonderful scenic narrow gauge coal line deep in the snowy forests near the border with Russia.
  • Industrial action at the complex Tiefa network - which includes four extensive branch lines. Featuring plenty of heavy coal trains hauled by beautifully decorated SYs, and the world's most intensive daily steam hauled commuter services.
  • Narrow gauge delights at Shibanxi in Southern China, a unique passenger line that climbs backwards and forwards as it twists high into the mountains to serve a small mining community that is not connected by road. Also a look at coal traffic on the neighbouring Weiyuan line. 
  • The Ji Tong Line, There's a full hour of fantastic action from the last great steam railway in the world, so join Nigel Harris on the footplate of a QJ as it hauls the luxurious GW Orient Express at speed, then explore the very best spots on the line including Lindong, Chabuga, and Daban. Plus a unique first; the 'one off' GW steam special on the Xilinhaote branch. There's also time for a completely new and different look at double headed QJ steam action over the famous Jingpeng pass including Shangdian summit.

English spoken

Credits: Telerail


China Steam Quest - part 1
China Steam Quest - part 2