Colourful train spots in the Netherlands

Colourful trains can be seen in this series at Delft Zuid and Moordrecht in the Netherlands in the year 2019. Sprinters, the Intercity Direct The Hague-Eindhoven, a diverted Thalys and the 'Dinner Train' from Railpromo with a 1600 locomotive pass by in Delft.

The footages at Moordrecht were recorded on October 5, 2019. The famous Dutch ‘Koplopers’ and freight trains were filmed there. That day there was also an event going on by the Stoom Stichting Nederland (SSN, the steam association the Netherlands) in Rotterdam. They maintained a steam shuttle between Gouda and the SSN depot in Rotterdam. So you can also see some beautiful steam trains passing by!

Credits: DLoc567


Delft Zuid - with a 'Railpromo' train - 12/05/2019
Delft Zuid - with a 'Railpromo' train - 18/05/2019
Delft-Zuid - with a 'Hondekop' - 19/05/2019
Moordrecht - with steam trains - 05/10/2019