The DB in the Rhine Valley 2003

In this three-part series 'The DB in the Rhine Valley 2003' we take you on a winter tour ramble through the romantic Rhine Valley between Bingen and Koblenz in Germany. With these now historic recordings, the aim has been to give the viewer as much as possible the feeling of being there themselves. The 4K editing will also definitely contribute to this!

Filming took place in Koblenz, Bacharach, Bingerbrück, Kaub and Sankt Goarshausen.

In this period, local trains were still driven by pulled trains and push-pull trains. You will therefore often see locomotives from the series 110.3, 141 and 143 (ex GDR!) in action with mostly n-cars (Silberlingen) painted in mint green and traffic red. The first TRAXX locomotives also made their appearance in local train traffic.

Of course, the impressive landscape has not been forgotten, as a background for Intercity trains and freight trains. This series has been put together by Trainstorm especially for 24Trains.tv. Put on your winter coat and take a seat in front of your screen for a kind of wonderful rail winter vacation!

Available with English descriptions: click on 'cc' at the bottom right to select your subtitles.

Credits: Trainstorm

Release scheme: 
Part 3: 10/03/2023


Part 1: Koblenz, the Rhine Valley and Bacharach
Part 2: Bingen and Coblence on a Winter Eve
Part 3: From Coblence to Kaub