Different Swiss model trains in Om scale

In this 5-part series we see several beautiful Swiss trains of the Rhaetian Railway (RHB) and the Furka Oberalp Railway (FO) in the so-called "0m" scale. The 0m scale is a scale of 1:45 representing narrow gauge of 1000 mm in real life. In addition to this scale, there is also a model railway in the more common H0 scale. These model railroads in this series all have one thing in common: they are finished beautifully to the smallest details!

Credits: JSVideo


Part 1: Freight train from Madulain (CH) to Tirano (I) in Om scale
Part 2: A tour of a Om & H0 scale model railroad layout
Part 3: Locomotive GE 4/6 from the RHB
Part 4: Furka Oberalp Railway in Om scale
Part 5: Furka Oberalp Railway in Om scale - 2021