Dutch Railway History

In 1765 the industrial revolution started in the UK with the invention of the steam engine. This leaded to the first steam locomotive being built in 1802. The first Dutch railway company was founded in August 8th 1837 called the HIJSM (short for 'Hollandsche IJzeren Spoorweg Maatschappij': Dutch Iron Railway Company). This company - precursor of the NS - opened the railway between Amsterdam and Haarlem in 1839 and from that day trains are part of Dutch daily life.

This series shows the history of Dutch railways, including the typical 1200 trains, diesel locomotives of the NS, so-called 'Jumbos', 'Jeeps' and 'Blokkendozen' and of course the famous Mat'64 / Hondekop.

Credits: Mixmedia - Van den Burg Beeldproducties


Jumbo's, Jeeps and 'Blokkendozen'
50 years of Mat'64
NS Nostalgia
NS 1200
NS Diesel Locomotives