Electric locomotives from Luxembourg: CFL Series 3000 & 4000

This two-part series features two electric locomotives that are in service of the CFL, the Luxembourg railways: the 3000 and 4000 series. The 3000 series is in service by the CFL since 1999 and was built by Alstom from France. The Belgian series HLE 13 of the NMBS, the Belgian railways, is identical to the CFL series 3000. The locomotives run passenger and freight trains at the CFL and can run under the Luxembourg voltage (25 kV) and the Belgian voltage of 3000 volts. The 20 locomotives of the CFL series 4000 entered service between 2003-2004. They were built by Bombardier TRAXX and can run under the German voltage (15 kV) and of course the Luxembourg voltage. You can see locomotives from both series in action in the beautiful countryside of Luxembourg , here exclusively at 24trains.

Credits: DLoc567


Electric locomotives class 3000 from the CFL
Electric locomotives class 4000 from the CFL

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