French cab rides - from and to Paris Austerlitz

In these 3 cab rides takes you to Central France. The first cab ride goes from Vendôme to Paris Austerlitz station with the diesel train set X72510. From Paris Austerlitz we then take a Sybic (electric) locomotive, the BB26053, to Tours where we cross the Loire river. The last cab ride is a long journey from Limoges Bénédictins to Paris Austerlitz and is driven with the BB22280 locomotive, the same kind of locomotive as the Dutch 1600 locomotive. These classic French lines are electrified with 1500 volts, with the exception of the line to Vendôme, which uses diesel traction there. Enjoy the beautiful view through the beautiful French landscape!

Credits: ForwardUntoDawn


From Paris Austerlitz to Tours - BB26053
From Vendôme to Paris Austerlitz -X72510
From Limoges Bénédictins to Paris Austerlitz -BB22280

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