German push and pull trains in the 60s

Era III saw in West-Germany many experiments with push-pull trains, many of them mainly on branch lines. They started with diesel locomotives such as the V36 and V80, but steam locomotives were also used, such as the BR78 and also the BR64. They were driven with a control car (in German 'Befehlswagen'). These were converted thunder buses (Donnerbüchsen), but also with real control cars such as VS145 and VB147. The diesel locomotives were controlled indirectly and directly, the steam locomotives initially only indirectly with a bell line, i.e. a second man was needed on the locomotive to carry out the commands from the steering position car. These trains can extensively be seen in this two-part series! With descriptions in German.

Credits: Manuela's Modellbahnvideo


Part 1
Part 2