High speed records from the French Railways (SNCF)

The French Railways (SNCF) built a reputation after the Second World War for breaking and maintaining the world speed record for trains. In these 5 episodes we see the first attempt from 1954 to the last attempt in 2007 with a TGV trainset. The speed record of 2007 still holds the current world speed record!

French spoken, but especially for our subscribers 24Trains has translated all episodes and made English subtitles. So, now you can watch this beautiful historical video material with English subtitles!

Credits: SNCF


The first world record: 243 km p/h on 21 February 1954
The second world record: 331 km p/h on 29 March 1955
The world record of 1981 with a TGV Sud-Est: 380,4 km p/h
TGV Atlantique sets a new world record: 515.3 km p/h on 18 May 1990
Current world record: 574.8 km p/h with a TGV POS on 3 March 2007