Hot Trains Alco Mania

In this beautiful 7-part series by the well-known Trainmasters TV, 24Trains.tv takes you to a beautiful model railway in the United States. This beautiful model railway was built by Charlie Comstock and has the theme of the 'Bear Creek and South Jackson' in the 1950s.

There are many ALCO diesel locomotives in action on this model railway, hence the title of this series. The American Locomotive Company (abbreviated as ‘ALCO’) was an American manufacturer of mainly locomotives. The company had a leading position in the North American market for railway equipment until the 1950s.

The model railway is in the H0 scale and finished in detail. So enjoy the beautiful footages of American model trains in this exclusive series from Trainmasters TV!

English spoken.

Credits: MRH Magazine / Trainmasters TV


Chapter 1: The Day Begins on the BC&SJ
Chapter 2: Tunnel 3 and a Meet at Oakhill
Chapter 3: Reefer Express and Hauler West
Chapter 4: Oakhill Switching Puzzle - Part 1
Chapter 5: Switching Oakhill - Part 2
Chapter 6: Long Train with Helpers - Part 1
Chapter 7: Long Train with Helpers - Part 2