Indian Locomotive Sketches - part 1

Indian railfan RajLOCOMOTIVE is also a talented drawing artist. His two hobbies combined result in this video series in which we see colourful locomotives of the Indian Railway being built 'from sketch'. The series covers both electric and diesel locomotives, sometimes accompanied by well known Indian express trains.

Interesting to know: all letters used in the codes for locomotives in India provide information about the train. W = wide gauge, A = running on AC traction, P = passenger service, D = diesel locomotive, M = mixed traction (passenger and goods). Part 1.


Twin Kalyan WDM3D with Tejas Express
TATA WAP7 30535 with Antyodaya Express
WAP1 Locomotive
WDG3A Baldie Locomotive
WDM3D Locomotive in Bokaro livery

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