Indian Locomotive Sketches - part 3

Indian RajLOCOMOTIVE is a talented drawing artist, but also a great fan of Indian Railways. These two passions combine into a series of video's in which we see colourful locomotives from India being built from 'sketch'. Electric and diesel locomotives, sometimes accompanied with passenger trains or part of a station.

Interesting to know: all letters used in the codes for locomotives in India provide information about the train. W = wide gauge, A = running on AC traction, P = passenger service, D = diesel locomotive, M = mixed traction (passenger and goods). Part 3.


WDP4 20007 BOND with Jan Shatabdi
MGS WAP4 with Mahabodhi Express standing at GAYA Railway Station
HOG WAP7 Standing at Howrah Station
AMUL WAP5 Locomotive

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