A Rail Safari in East and Central Africa

In a film of more than 4 hours, originally only sold as a DVD, Vidrail takes you on an epic journey through the south of the African continent. The trip was organized in 2019 by Rovos Rail, a South African railway company that organizes luxury train journeys.

The trip went from Pretoria in South Africa to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, a distance of about 3500 kilometres.

From Dar es Salaam it went further to Angola, from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean across the African continent. This Central African route passed through Zambia and Congo via the Katanga Railway. In Angola the journey was via the rebuilt Benuela railway to Lobito. A distance of 4300 kilometres covered in 15 days by the train of Rovos Rail. From Angola it went back to Dar es Salaam.

Unique, sometimes jerky images due to the poor condition of the track, of railway lines where no train could be seen for a long time!

Enjoy this rail safari in Africa!

Credits: VIDRAIL Productions


Part 1 - From South Afrika to Tanzania
Part 2 - In Angola
Part 3 - From Angola to Tanzania