Railway journals from the French Railways

‘Le Magazine du Rail’ is a series of newsreels about activities on the French railways (SNCF). The first episode was made in 1947 and the last episode in 1970. These 30 newsreels show a very nice inside in the development of the French railway in this period: from the reconstruction after the Second World War, the abolishment of steam trains to the newest trains and services of the French Railways.

French spoken, but only at 24Trains.tv you can see this videos with Engels subtitles!

Credits: SNCF

Note: the episodes will be released as follow: 
10 September 2021: N°1 - N°6
17 September 2021: N°7 - N°12
24 September 2021: N°13 - N°18
1 October 2021: N°19 - N°24
8 October 2021: N°25 - N°30