Rhaethian Electroveterans

“Rhaethian Electro veterans” shows the old-timers of the RhB still in service in the years 1997 to 2002.

In action you can witness:
-Ge 6/6 I Crocodile Numbers 412, 414, 415 -Ge 2/4 Numbers 222, 211 and 212
-Ge 4/6 Number 353 -De 2/2 Number 151
-Ge 2/2 Number 161, 162 In addition, the transfer of the Bernina Crocodile Number 182.The Old-timers can be seen in regular Service as well as heading specials in the Engadin valley, on the Albula line, Davos line, Surselva Disentis) line as well as the Bernina line.

Length is 1 hour 47 minutes. Available in English and German languages.

Credits: JSVideo


English version
German version