A 24Trains.tv cab ride of the Simplon Railway line

The Simplon railway connects Switzerland to Italy and crosses straight through the Alps. The border between the two countries lies in the middle of the Simplon tunnel, which has a tunnel length of 19.8 kilometres. Construction of the tunnel started in 1898 and was opened in 1906 after delays. Later a second tunnel tube was built.

24Trains.tv takes you for a ride on this beautiful Simplon railway. The famous Orient Express once ran here, but it hasn't been running for a long time, so we took a Lok 2000 and filmed the ride from the cab. A locomotive had to be transferred and we filmed this locomotive transfer for you from Brig (Switzerland) to Domodossola (Italy). We have also filmed the return drive from Domodossola 2 (Due) to Göppenstein until Brig. Take a seat and enjoy the views!

Credits: 24Trains.tv


Part 1: Brig - Domodossola
Part 2: Domodossola - Brig