Joe Fugate's Siskiyou Line Model Railroad

In this Siskiyou Line video series, seasoned model railroader Joe Fugate demonstrates how to build a successful model railroad by showing you what he did on his own dream model railroad, the Siskiyou Line in H0 scale. It is based on a railway line in Oregon in the United States.

This series contains several volumes:

Volume 1: In this video, Joe Fugate introduces us to his unique approach to modeling the 1980s SP in Southern Oregon. Learn how Joe fit the key scenes from his prototype route into his basement as he gives a guided tour of his HO Siskiyou Line layout. We end with following the Coos Bay Hauler along its entire run and get a glimpse into the prototype-based operations conducted on this multi-decked layout.

Volume 2: In this volume, Joe Fugate discusses how to get the most satisfying model railroad layout design possible. Joe covers many tips for good layout design whether using a high-tech computer or good ol' paper and pencil. In the design discussion, he also tackles tough multideck questions. In the benchwork discussion, Joe uses a 3D fly-through computer model of his model railroad to illustrate how his mushroom benchwork creates a multideck train layout that appears single-decked. In the construction segments, Joe covers his layout lighting, his spline roadbed techniques, and how he lays flex track.

Ops sessions: registration of live sessions where the train traffic operations are being simulated as real as possible. 

Enjoy this Trainmasters TV series about the beautiful Siskiyou Line model railroad layout and the tips and tricks of a professional model railroader!

Credits: MRH Magazine / Trainmasters TV


Episode 1: Introduction
Episode 2: Layout Concept
Episode 3: Upper Deck Tour
Episode 4: Lower Deck Tour
Episode 5: Let's Run a Train
Episode 6: Bonus - Doorbolt Turnout Throws
Episode 7: Bonus - Train Runbys