South African Railway Roundabout

This two-part DVD set from South Africa contains almost 8 hours of exclusive material featuring a wide variety of trains in South Africa. Not only trains from the South African Railways, but also from the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), Zambia Railways (ZR) and private railway companies and organizations such as Rovos Rail and Reefsteamers (which unfortunately stopped their services in 2019) which operate tourist (steam) trains. Not only steam trains can be seen, but also diesel trains and electric trains in the regular freight and passenger service. In South Africa, quite heavy freight trains run with iron ore, for example. The special thing about the South African railway network is the track width, because in South Africa the railway network has a width of 1067 mm, the so-called "Cape Gauge". These videos were shot between 2012-2014 (season 1) and 2017-2019 (season 2). We are pleased to present to you here, exclusively on 24Trainst.tv, this series "South African Railway Roundabout"!

Part 2 (2017-2019) will be released on 11th June 2021.

Credits: VIDRAIL Productions


Part 1: A tour with 'Reefsteamers' in 2007 & 2013
Part 2: Reefsteamers & Rovos Rail in 2014
Part 3: Steam in KwaZulu-Natal and Sandstone Estates 2014
Part 4: Steam and modern - Western Cape & Johannesburg region - 2013 & 2014
Part 5: Modern traction at the West Cape and Gauteng - 2014
Part 6: National Railways in Zimbabwe - steam and modern - 2013 & 2014
Part 7: Botswana, Namibia and new South African trains - 2013 & 2014
Part 8: More modern trains, cab rides and the mines - 2013-2014
Part 9: Heavy haul, passenger trains and back to the mines - 2014
Part 10: Transnet Passenger trains and more heavy haul - 2014