Steam tours in Zimbabwe in 2003-2017

Travel with 24Trains.tv to Zimbabwe! This extensive series contains a report of tours which were made in 2013, 2016 and 2017. In Zimbabwe there are still a lot of legendary steam locomotives in service like for example the impressive ‘Garrett’ steam locomotive!

This series, consisting of 4 parts, brings highlights of the 2013 tour, the entire 2016 steam safari and the last two days of the 2017 trip. Although some of the routes have been repeated, not all of these sections feature the same motive power or train consists.

The routes are out of Bulawayo are to Mbalabala (via Heany Junction); then via Sawmills and Dete to Thomson Junction; out of Thomson Junction to Lukosi, Old Hwange, Zanguja and Matetsi. Lastly, three separate two-day stopovers at Victoria Falls; cross border Zambian diesel traffic and a steam trip back from Livingstone.

For all three visits, varied views of the famous Victoria Falls bridge, which dates back from 1905, are shown, including from the air. Both arranged and regular trains feature here. There is also a 2013 visit to the mine at Selebi Phikwe, with its ex SAR class 19Ds and ex NRZ class 19s; this was to be the final such opportunity, since mining and surface haulage has since ceased.

The following locomotives can be seen:

  • NRZ (National Railways of Zimbabwe) classes 14A, 15A and 16A: DE6/9/10A;
  • ZR (Zambia) classes 10, 12, 100 and 600;
  • Botswana class 19D & BD2

Credits: VIDRAIL Productions


Part 1
Part 2