Streamliners at Spencer

A series on "Streamliners at Spencer", an event at the North Carolina Transportation Museum with 26 special Streamliner locomotives attending. Featuring special F-units, E-units and ALCOs, plus interviews with the organizers, participants and visitors. Some participating trains receive extra attention, such as Wabash # 1189 from Canada, the one of a kind Nickel Plate # 190 and a New Haven FL9 which has been repainted especially for this event.

Credits: MRH Magazine / Trainmasters TV.


Part 3 - Streamliner memories, New Haven FL9, N&W 611, Alco
Part 1 - locs arriving, roundhouse management, UP E-9
Part 2 - washing up, FT #103, Wabash #1189, Nickel Plate #190, evening photoshoot

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