The history of the TGV, the French Highspeed train

This 7-part series shows the development of the TGV, the French high-speed train. From the first model, which was delivered in the early 1970s, via the construction of the first high-speed line (the LGV Sud-Est, between Paris and Lyon) to the construction of the LGV Atlantique which connects Paris with West and Southwest France. Beautiful historical images with some nice 70s and 80s tunes here and there! French spoken, but you can now see the videos here exclusively at 24Trains with Dutch, English and German subtitles.

Credits: SNCF (French Railways)


How the first French TGV was born
Designing the first French high speed railway line
One year TGV
The time of the TGV
Impressions of the TGV
The TGV Atlantique: a new TGV for France
The building of the Atlantique highspeed line