The Saar Railway

The Saar enters Germany at Saarbrücken and then runs in a north-westerly direction more or less along the French border to Trier, where it flows into the Mosel. The railway line between Trier and Saarbrücken runs parallel to the Saar and is therefore called ‘The Saar Railway’ or in German, Die Saarstrecke.

This film shows train transport on the Saarstrecke in three parts: first the scenically beautiful part between Trier and Dillingen. Part two gives a picture of the busy (mainly goods) transport to the highly industrialized area around Dillingen, which includes a blast furnace (Hütte) and a car factory. Part three shows the railway to Völklingen, where imposing liquid iron torpedo cars are shunted to steel processing plants.

We see recordings from 2016, 2017 and 2021 of passenger trains in a large number of stations along the line and of freight trains: supply of ore and coal to the Saarland industry and removal of (mainly steel) products.

Credits: Railgoed.net


Part 1: Trier-Ehrang until Dillingen
Part 2: Dillingen
Part 3: Dillingen until Völklingen