Tough American diesel locomotives in action

In this series, which consists of 4 episodes, we get to see different types of diesel locomotives from different companies in the United States. What makes this series so beautiful are the beautiful high-quality drone videos, which gives a completely different beautiful perspective. To name a few locomotives which you can see in this series: the IORY 4070 & 2100 and the CF&E 2098 & 2099, the Santa Fe PREX 3001, the IORY 3488 from the Burlington Northern & Southern Pacific and an SD40 locomotive from CSX.

Credits: By Scott Taipale


IORY 4070 & 2100 and CF&E 2098 & 2099 at Sugar St Diamond
IORY 3488 train from the Burlington Northern & Southern Pacific
CSX diesel locomotive SD40 -2 and more
ND&W Railroad with a Santa Fe diesel locomotive PREX 3001