Trains on the Maastricht (NL) - Liège (B) railway Line

The international railway line between Liège in Belgium and Maastricht in the Netherlands was opened in 1861. The line was electrified in 1985. This line was used by several colourful international trains to Luxembourg (Ardennes Express), destinations in the south of France and even as far as Genoa in Italy. The international trains gradually disappeared and a local train remained between Liège and Maastricht.

Between Moelingen in Belgium and Maastricht in the Netherlands, Randwyck is equipped with the Belgian train control system Crocodile/MEMOR. Dutch ATB train safety system is missing on this route. The Belgian trains, which are not equipped with ATB, are tolerated on the ATB-protected route from Maastricht to Randwyck. The Belgian trains equipped for 3000 V DC can run below 1500 V without any problems, albeit with less power. The 3000 V / 1500 V voltage lock is located 2.5 kilometers south of Randwyck.

Technically and operationally speaking, this railway is therefore a largely Belgian railway on Dutch territory.

In four parts, Euro Rails takes you along various places along this international railway. The first part contains recordings made between 1991 and 1995. The extra part contains various, now historic, recordings of the departure of the Lourdes pilgrimage train, the last train Maastricht-Basel (Switzerland) and more.

Credits : Euro Rails

The extra part will be online on 16/09/2022.


Part 1: Maastricht & Maastricht Randwyck
Part 2: Gronsveld & Eijsden
Part 3: Visé & Cheratte
Part 4: Bressoux & Liège Guillemins