Trainspotting in the French Burgundy region

In this series, consisting of 7 episodes, we go trainspotting in the French Burgundy region. The Burgundy region is centrally located in France and has a lot of important railways lines. The old PLM (Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée) line for example, which connects France biggest cities (Paris, Lyon and Marseille). In 1981 the first French highspeed line was opened between Paris and Lyon which crosses also the Burgundy region with a branch to Dijon as well.

There are also main lines connecting the Northeast part of France with the Southern-France and Paris with Switzerland. These main lines have a lot of freight transport as it is part of the European corridors connecting Germany and the Benelux countries with Spain. Enjoy the diversity of trains in this series!

Credits: Le voyageur du rail


Trainspotting at the old PLM line
Trainspotting in the evening at Meursault
Trainspotting at Dijon - Culmont-Chalindrey line