Unboxing the high end Crocodile from LGB

LGB, a subsidiary from the famous German model rail manufacturer Märklin, came with a one-time series for the anniversary "100 Years of the Rhaetian Crocodile" in scale G.

In this exclusive 24Trains.tv video we are going to unbox this beautiful model which was made fully in metal! In the second part we show you the capacities of this beauty on a garden model railroad.

To remind you: in 1921 – 100 years ago – the first RhB Crocodiles, the class Ge 6/6 I electric locomotives, were delivered by SLM in Winterthur. With a performance of 800 kilowatts / 1,072 horsepower and a maximum speed of 55 km/h / 34 mph, these 66 metric ton locomotives fully satisfied the requirements of the times so that 15 units all total were built. Starting in the Eighties, they were replaced by newer locomotives so that currently only 2 units – however very well-maintained units – are used pulling special trains. They are also used in regular operation pulling historic cars.

Credits: 24Trains.tv


Unboxing the Crocodile 414 from LGB
The Crocodile 414 on a garden model railroad