Vanishing World Steam - A unique series full with steam locomotives!

When Telerail made this great series with the title "Vanishing World Steam" in the late 1990s, there were still plenty of places in the world where steam trains were still operating in normal service. In Europe this was the case in Poland and in Asia steam traction in China was still fairly normal. Telerail has managed to create unique images and came to places in China where no other Western film crews had been before. The series was shot not only in China, but also in Cuba and Poland.

24Trains, in collaboration with Telerail, is now proud to offer you this 12-part series, which consists of more than 15 hours of video material from steam trains around the world!

English spoken.

Credits: Telerail


Vanishing World Steam - Volume 1 - China in Winter
Vanishing World Steam - Volume 2 - Poland
Vanishing World Steam - Volume 3 - Cuba Part 1
Vanishing World Steam - Volume 4 - The Steamiest Place on Earth