LGV Rhône-Alpes & Mediterranée

In this video, TGVs were spotted in the French department of Drôme, along the LGV Rhône-Alpes high-speed line (North of Lyon - Valence-TGV) and a bit south along the LGV Mediterranée (Valence-TGV - Marseille/Nîmes). In addition to the French TGVs, a Spanish TGV was also spotted, an AVE derived from the TGV Atlantique, in the service between Lyon and Barcelona. The recordings were made at the following places and dates:

  • Chateauneuf-sur-Isère (26) - LGV Rhône-Alpes (11/2/2021)
  • Vaunaveys- la-Rochette (26) - LGV Mediterranée (19/6/2021)
  • Chabrillan (26) - LGV Mediterranée (19/6/2021)

Credits: Les 3 Ferrovipathes