Retro weekend around Hatvan

MÁV, the Hungarian National Railways, organized in May 2022 a retro week in Hatvan, a place east of Budapest. This video was made on lines 87a (Eger - Füzesabony) and 81 (Hatvan - Somoskőújfalu). The old, well-known diesel locomotives were also featured this weekend, but the real surprise was the 60-year-old V42 locomotive called "Leo". “Leo” was built by the Hungarian train manufacturer Ganz. In total 42 of these locomotives were built between 1961-1966. It has a transmission system from the American engineer Ward Leonard, hence the nickname “Leo”. For the first time in 28 years, this type of electric locomotive was in action with a scheduled passenger train.

Credits: BenceSnurik Trainspotting