"100 years RhB" - and in the official train parade no train from the early days was planned. Samedner engine drivers could not accept this and organized the unofficial "founder's train" with the RhB steam locomotive No. 1 "Rhätia" that had just returned from the Blonay-Chamby museum railway and three existing company cars (two former third-class cars and a luggage car) from the same Epoch. The train secretly steamed from Samedan to St. Moritz and back, only a few insiders were able to photograph or film it. Club member Martin Pfister followed him with his bike and his Super 8 camera.

The move led to the founding of Club 1889 in Samedan in 1996. The aim of the 13 founding members was to completely restore the C 2012 (today the C 32) from 1889.

Credits: Club 1889