The DB in the Rhine Valley - 1990

The Rhine Valley between Koblenz and Mainz is a true railway spotters Walhalla. The left and right Rhine railway lines are still one of the most important railway lines in Germany. This was especially the case in 1990 when there was no high-speed line between Cologne and Frankfurt: all the intercity trains, in addition to the regional and freight trains, went over these lines.

In this 2-hour video from Trainstorm we get to see many different trains of the DB (Deutsche Bahn), the German Railways. Just to name a few: the famous BR103 electric locomotive, the BR 141 (E41) and the typical Lufthansa Airport Express aka 'Donald Duck', the BR 403. So, this video shows a nice era of the train traffic on the ' Rijnstrecken 'at the beginning of the nineties: enjoy!

English subtitles available.

Credits: Trainstorm